Melissa Sage Fadim, executive producer

Melissa Sage Fadim is the mother of four, a grandmother and the creative and financial Godmother to countless artistic and educational endeavours. She is an executive producer of ON BEAUTY, a Kartemquin film spotlighting the way we perceive, judge and treat individuals with physical differences outside of today’s narrow beauty standards.





Terry Spencer Hesser, writer/director

Terry Spencer Hesser is a published novelist, biographer, produced playwright, award-winning screenwriter and recipient of three Emmy awards.

She has been telling stories in print, on TV, and on the stage for three decades and has worked with people as diverse as Audrey Hepburn, Oprah Winfrey, and R. Kelly. She has wielded garlic for A&E whilst searching for vampires in Transylvania and braved the equally potent aroma of Limburger to tell Wisconsin’s cheesy history for the Food Network. She is currently writing Bungalow Soldiers, a memoir about growing up in the most politically incorrect town in America: Cicero, Illinois.





Kira Cook, host

Kira Cook lives, writes, and acts in Los Angeles. She is a native Chicagoan who enjoys old people, old places, and old things. She got her start in acting by performing in a Terry Kinney-directed Steppenwolf play at 8 years old. Kira acted in various TV and commercial spots and was cast in Danny DeVito’s Matilda at age 11 to play the role of Hortensia, which is when she first learned about the magical and strange obsession this city has with donuts. After finishing a Master’s degree in Modern Literature in England, where Kira read a lot of Joyce and Stein and wrote for various websites, she left the grey of London for the yellow of Los Angeles to re-pursue acting and writing. She has improv training from both Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade.